Remember You’re Dreaming Book + FREE CD & digital download

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Included in purchase:
– The album book
– Free digital mp3 download of the whole album
– Bonus: the album on CD

The Remember You’re Dreaming album book contains:

– Amazing mystical art from people all over the world
– Mystical poems about awakening from people such as Rumi and Hafez
– All of my lyrics to sing along to
– Empty pages for notes
– Inspiring questions and exercises
– Quotes about awakening from A Course in Miracles

This product is not about the CD, it’s about the book. The CD comes as a bonus if you still own a CD-player, but if you don’t, it is perfect as well as it is really about the book that serves as a beautiful visual and inspring aspect of the album



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Weight 270 g

5 reviews for Remember You’re Dreaming Book + FREE CD & digital download

  1. M Jackson (verified owner)

    I first learned of Neda’s music a few years ago when I stumbled across her album, “The Light Has Come.” I quickly grew to love the music and the message behind it, which was inspired by A Course in Miracles. I was therefore very excited to hear that Neda was recording “Remember You’re Dreaming,” and I placed an order for it as soon as it became available. In the few weeks since we received the beautiful song book and CD, my family has listened to it many times — as background music while having dinner or while on a long drive. My nine-year-old daughter loves to sing along with the music, reading the lyrics from the book as the music plays. Thanks, Neda, for this wonderful gift to the world. You’re blessing all of us with this much-needed healing message from the Holy Spirit.

    M Jackson
    Victoria, BC, Canada

    • Neda

      Love to hear that!!! Much love🥰🎉

  2. Bob Russell (verified owner)

    Neda’s album, ‘remember you’re dreaming,’ in my view, is a masterpiece. There is a wonderful, natural flow throughout the album, song to song. For me, I love every song and consider this entire work as a top-notch production. A while back, I heard an interviewer ask Van Morrison whether he had come across any interesting music of late and he responded…”absolutely nothing!” I listened twice to this album while writing this review and was repeatedly pondering how I could send Van a copy of Neda’s work. I’d be very curious to know his response! The eclectic mix of instrumentation, artsy arrangements, fabulous background vocals throughout the album, as well as each of the tracks featuring Mike Love, Deva Premal, and Alexia Chellun are all beautifully performed. Having the album presented within a book filled with wonderful artwork and quotes from Rumi, Mooji, Yogananda, among others, and ACIM too- is simply extraordinary and unique. I’m very grateful to Neda and all those who contributed to her albums as well as for all her work to bring healing to the world.


    Bob Russell

    Denver, Colorado

    • Neda

      Dear Bob,
      Thank you so much for your beautiful review. I’m so happy to hear this! Thank you for your support.
      Much love, Neda

  3. Daisy Martinez (verified owner)

    I can hear the songs still playing in my mind! I listen to it in my car and I love that it came in the form of a CD and I don’t have Bluetooth so it’s perfect!! It was my answer to a prayer I asked God to send me music I can listen to while I drive. I love that Neda personalized it and hand wrote a little message on it for me. So inspiring! I really connect to Spirit through music and I’ve been listening to Neda and doing her Voice Liberations and it’s helped me a lot to release my inner voice. There is so much freedom and it feels so good to let my Voice shine! Thank you Neda for shining your light and waking up with me!

  4. Elaine Rosen

    I first became aware of Neda’s beautiful music when she was interviewed on the Miracles Podcast last fall. Starting with the song played after the interview, “God is the love in which I forgive”, I was hooked. I devoured “The Light Has Come”, and fell in love with “Remember You’re Dreaming” as soon as it was released. I agree with Bob; “Remember You’re Dreaming” is a masterpiece. The album cover captures perfectly the tone of the work in its entirety–through much of the music, one has the feeling of being part of a scene playing out under water, with bubbles and beautiful lights of all colors, and an ability to breathe deeply and fully despite being in water! The musical genres she shifts between make for a delightfully low key eclectic mix, the vocals are more complex and simply stunning, and the guests add so much! [I will confess to going on a Mike Love spree and falling in love with his music and genre.]. For me, music is the fast track to my soul–and I feel in my “Higher place” when I’m listening to this album. In particular, the song “I give it all to you” makes me tear up from the opening chords, and I have given so very much to Spirit over the months with this song as the portal. Over time, each song has revealed something new of itself to me.
    It is the rare album where every song is meaningful. Kudos to you, Neda, to your integral role within the ACIM community, and to a bright shining future illuminating the path to seekers such as myself.
    With love,

  5. Margret (verified owner)

    Dear Neda, thank you for this book and CD. It uplifts my heart and soul. I think it’s a great gift for under the Christmas tree. I bought it for the cd but I am also in love with the book. Beautiful paintings, quotes and all the lyrics. I love reading it and making notes for myself and starting to write my own poetry 😅. You are very inspiring. Thank you for being such a whole hearted human being and spreading so much joy, peace, love and happiness to the world. It makes a great difference in my life. I love you 💖

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