SIGNED Combo package of all of my 3 CD’s + Book + FREE Digital Download of Remember You’re Dreaming!

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Get the combi pack with all of my CD’s:

– New album Remember You’re Dreaming
– First album, The Light Has Come
– My first EP, When Lambs Become Lions

PLUS a FREE digital download of Remember You’re Dreaming!

The Remember You’re Dreaming CD comes with a gorgeous inspiration book with:

– Amazing mystical art from people all over the world
– Mystical poems about awakening from people such as Rumi and Hafez
– All of my lyrics to sing along to
– Empty pages for notes
– Inspiring questions and exercises
– Quotes about awakening from A Course in Miracles

The The Light Has Come CD also comes with a beautiful booklet with art made by Willem Glaudemans, the Dutch translator of A Course in Miracles. All lyrics are in there as well for you to sing along to.



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4 reviews for SIGNED Combo package of all of my 3 CD’s + Book + FREE Digital Download of Remember You’re Dreaming!

  1. Judy Walker (verified owner)

    Listening to Neda’s songs and music has facilitated tremendous emotional healing in me. So very grateful that you listen to the Holy Spirit Neda, it’s apparent in the work you are doing🙏 Thank you❤️

  2. Mathew M. (verified owner)

    I wish I could find the right words to accurately describe how profoundly Neda’s new album-book Remember You’re Dreaming has affected me. When I hear her sing the songs, it feels like she read my mind in describing a journey that I have been on for so many years as a student of A Course in Miracles. The music that comes through her, I believe, is meant to touch, and heal many of us who have experienced (and continue to experience) the dark night(s) of the soul, having forgotten that we’re dreaming and need to wake up. In addition to her beautiful voice and accompanying music, the book is an exquisite collection of images and words that coupled with Neda’s songs evoke a longing in me to join with her and other mighty companions who walk this Path of Light. I hope and pray that it does the same for you too.

  3. anna k (verified owner)

    Neda’s music is the answer to my prayers. Literally. I know the the acim message is true – but the book ended up mainly as a bookshelf decoration. I did wonder, can not someone make it more fun? Maybe some upbeat music with these messages and I can sing along during my day? Then Neda appeared on youtube. I had to buy her albums! Now I listen to her music whilst driving in my car or washing up … and am inspired with the messages of love and peace. Profound pictures in the booklet. Whereever I go, her music goes there with me. Thank you for listening and following, Neda. Beautiful work.

  4. Rosa Maria Sadjed (verified owner)

    What an exciting moment when I unpacked that parcel I got from you, Neda, and for the first time caught sight of those treasures it contained! Your 3 CDs accompanied by an amazing little book with marvelous paintings and personnally signed by you! I am so grateful, dear Neda, for the gift of your music! It´s such a gift to me, and I believe it´s as well a great gift to the world! As I am listening to your songs every day, I fail to determine which one would be my favorite, I simply love them all ! And, you know what – these days I noticed that each morning when I wake up there is a song of yours appearing in my mind! One day it is GOD IS IN MY MIND, then the next day I ´LL ONLY HEAR YOUR VOICE, or I WANT THE PEACE OF GOD, or NOTHING ELSE … and then, this very song that appeared immediately when I woke up will accompany me throughout the day, nourishing me with its message! This is truly wonderful. Because you see your songs have become instrumental to my path! Thank you so much, dear Neda!

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