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“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” – A Course in Miracles

With Voice Liberation we do exactly that; going deep within our unconscious mind to liberate the blocks we have built against the love we truly are. We have a very powerful tool for healing inside of us; our very own voice! No matter wether we believe we have a great voice or not, our voice has the powerful ability to bring up the root of where you feel stuck. During the Voice Liberation sessions there will be a safe space for our unconscious blocks to rise to the surface, where they can be transformed and healed.

There are absolutely no singing skills needed. All that is required is a desire to be free. Voice liberation is not about singing beautifully, even though I personally feel that when we use our voice from an authentic place within ourselves, where only Love abides, it is inevitable that our voice will touch many hearts…

“Neda, not only just guided, but even more beautiful; Musically guided to help open up deep blocks, sing thought them and letting go. I’m so grateful for this transformational process that started with this.” – Marga


What other’s say about the Voice Liberation workshops:

“Neda’s Voice Liberation sessions are very heart opening and mind clearing. They are a way of revealing and clearing unconscious beliefs and thoughts. I highly recommend Neda’s sessions for nurturing the forgiveness process and accelerating healing in mind for those who truly want to heal.” –David Hoffmeister

Having a voice liberation session with Neda is like taking a walk to the very centre of your being, and then walking safely back out again – wiser, clearer, kinder.
The power of my voice, guided by Neda’s musical talent and bright intuition, has released and revealed patterns and beliefs that I was ready to let go of, in a way that cognition alone could never do. It’s a gift to receive these sessions in which Neda generously shares her own gift.”  -Disa

“During the workshop, I experienced what seemed like a true heart opening where it actually felt like my heart cracked open and many tears flowed. I don’t have words for this experience except that it felt like a profound healing.” – Marti

“I wasn’t sure what I had signed up for and as the days went by I felt moved to tears in so many ways. The music, the exercises, the meditation you took us through was so powerful and drew me closer to my Self. I laughed, I cried, I felt supported, open, willing and shared a Love that ran deep. Blocks were released and space made for something bigger. This safe loving environment, I felt, provided all of us the courage to step out of our comfort zones and allow something amazing to come through.” – Martha

“We laughed together, we cried together, we sang together, and we prayed together.  I truly felt that each member of the workshop was my spiritual brother and sister and I felt enveloped in oneness with a loving God.  If you are tired of reading books about spirituality, come to this workshop and get a taste of the real thing.” – Elisabeth

“I would like to write my testimonial, but I just cry and cry and cry when  I think  about it.  Tears of gratitude.” – Laura

“What happened? I stepped into a moment of timelessness, that moment of all being forgiven. And in that holy instant my whole being was given the gift in expressing the sound of love that was uniquely mine to share with the entire cosmos. She knew exactly how to guide me to hear and follow this sweet Spirit prompt within. This is the Christ-space Neda provides.” -Marie

“Neda, not only just guided, but even more beautiful; Musically guided to help open up deep blocks, sing thought them and letting go. I’m so grateful for this transformational process that started with this.” – Marga

“I have been studying A Course in Miracles for years and through your voice liberation work, I now have a tool to take it deeper.” – Mary 

 “A divine therapy !! Healing !! Release!! I’m feeling as light as a feather … lol. Around 200 kg left my mind, soul and heart. Gratitude.” – Gloria

“I’m so grateful you are doing these seminars! I feel you have unlocked the ultimate understanding.” – Lynn

“I found my voice again in the innocence. Been locked up for a while.”Will


My own journey with Voice Liberation:

I’ve always been singing with al of my heart and soul. But when in 2012  I started my second year in the conservatory of music in Rotterdam, it felt as though that deep liberating feeling I used to feel when singing as a kid, was blocked. I was focused on singing perfectly, on doing it ‘right’. It felt very confusing for me to not have singing feel connected to pure joy anymore and I even thought about dropping out of the conservatory. I wanted to sing freely again, from love, from a place of peace where I could just be sung through, instead of trying so hard. I wanted to find and give expression to my inner voice!
As out of heaven, the ‘Voice liberation academy’ by Jan Kortie, ‘Ode an die freude’ (named after Bethoven’s 9th symphony, meaning ‘Ode to joy!) came on my path and I finished my two remaining years of conservatory at the same time as the voice liberation academy. Voice liberation gave me back my joy and effortlessness in singing. It brought me back in touch with my true Inner Voice and helped me open up to sing from a very vulnerable and honest place.

I never went into the voice liberation academy with the thought I’d be leading voice liberation sessions and retreats myself. I went in to free my own voice, and to be free while performing!
Yet, Spirit clearly had more in store! In the spring of 2017, I all of the sudden felt strongly prompted to let David Hoffmeister know that I felt I was supposed to give voice liberation sessions at his one month Tabula Rasa retreat. He was all in for it and I was amazed to feel how easily Spirit was working through me, using the tools of voice liberation to facilitate deep healing.
Since then, I’ve been asked for many more retreats and group sessions all over the world.

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