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It’s finally here!! The Light Has Come!!

I am so incredibly thrilled and excited to share this music with you. What a journey it has been… The making of this album has given me so much healing. You can see more of this process in the beautiful ‘behind the scenes’ mini documentary down below.

  1. The light has come
  2. I’ll only hear your voice
  3. Take me home
  4. I am not a body
  5. Peace to my mind
  6. God is in my mind
  7. I rest in God
  8. I want the peace of God
  9. God is the Love in which I forgive
  10. I feel the love of God
  11. Seek and find
  12. Steady my feet
  13. God is with me
  14. Let me remember
  15. Thanks for today
  16. Nothing else

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Behind the scenes of The Light Has Come

In this mini documentary you can see the journey from darkness to light and the things I had to go through in order to make this album for you.

About Neda

Neda, literally meaning ‘Inner Voice’, or ‘Voice for God’, discovered her musical talent at a young age. When she was five years old, she began, just like her mother who is a professional violin player, with playing the violin. However, singing was always her first love.
Thinking she would never write or sing songs that would have Christian terminology in them, after practicing the Course in Miracles for little over 3 years something strange happened.

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Neda Boin behind the piano

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