The Light Has Come – MP3 download


16 inspiring and heart lifting songs inspired by A Course in Miracles.

Receive the full album directly in your email. You will also get the booklet with all the lyrics in a pdf file so you can sing your heart out!
Please note that the album will be send to you as a zip-file. Iphone does not support zip-files, so you would have to open it then on your laptop and transfer it to your phone if you have an iphone.


16 inspirerende en hartverwarmende liedjes op CD, geïnspireerd op Een Cursus in Wonderen.

Ontvang alle liedjes van het album direct in je mail. Ook zit hier een pdf file van het boekje bij zodat je heerlijk kunt meezingen!
Let op: Het album wordt naar je toegestuurd als zip-file. Iphone support het openen van zip-files niet, dus mocht je het album op je iphone willen luisteren, moet je hem eerst op je laptop openen en van daaruit naar je telefoon overzetten.

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Listen to previews of the album:

“Neda’s music is a way to merge with the Spirit and feel the absolute glory of Divine Love. Her amazing voice enhances the lyrics from Heaven, and my soul is lifted every time I listen.”

– David Hoffmeister, author of ‘Unwind your mind back to God.’

“Listening to Neda sing brings forth an experience of Divine Love within. She has a gift of expressing the sound of Heaven so we can all remember the Love that exists within each one of us. Neda’s music makes me feel pure joy. She has the voice of an angel.”

– Corinne Zupko, Ed.S., Author of ‘From Anxiety To Love’

 “I highly recommend Neda’s album for many reasons, but most of all, because of the inspiration and love that moves through her voice.  It is a truly authentic and lovely musical journey!”

– Cindy Lora Renard, author of ‘A Course in Health and Well-Being’, spiritual coach and speaker on A Course in Miracles

“This Earth Angel will, not only touch your ears, she will reach your Soul and your Heart.  Her voice will dance with your Heart. Her Divine gift will wash through you and lift you up, you may cry tears of Joy as she awakens the Divine within you.”

– Rich LaSpesa – A Course In Miracles student


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