Happy new year!🥳 From the bottom of my heart I want to wish you a beautiful year filled with inspiration, love, joy, awesome belly laughs, connection, harmony, miracles, and abundant moments to be deeply grateful for.

What an interesting two years we’ve had! I think the line ‘Remember You’re Dreaming’, has never felt more obvious to me as it does right now. It seems that the crazier the ego makes this world be, the more I’m remembering that only in dreams we can experience craziness!
Which of course doesn’t mean that at times it can all seem very real and that we need to be very gentle with our own process. If you have listened to my new album, you’ll very clearly hear my own process of “forgetting and remembering” in almost every song.
The title song, Remember You’re Dreaming,  came to me at a time when I was definitely forgetting. 

It was a few years ago when I was working on my previous album, The Light Has Come. There was a moment when I was really stressing out about how I would afford to pay for the studio recordings.
I remember that instead of giving into the anxiety and shutting off, I treated myself to a nice cup of tea at a beautiful neighbourhood garden around the corner.

One minute after I sat down, a whole classroom of children came running in. They apparently had a school assignment there and within a few seconds the whole garden was filled with children running around. As I watched them play, laugh and point at the different plants, my fears settled down a bit. They reminded me to be like a child again, without worries, without cares, just be in the moment and play.

Soon after, I heard this voice saying “Take a deep breath sit down my child. Why are your thoughts running so wild? Don’t you know Who walks beside you? Don’t you know that only Love is true?”

I felt the inspiration bubbling up inside of me and grabbed the only paper I had, the receipt of my cup of tea, and started writing. That’s how the title song of my album ‘Remember You’re Dreaming’, came to me.

A while ago I heard the amazing Hawaiian reggae artist Mike Love,  for the first time and instantly fell in love with his voice. I knew he had to be part of this song and I can tell you, his addition to this song far exceeded my expectations!!

We’ve recorded an awesome music video for this beautiful song and I thought it would be a nice new years gift to release it today.

Hope you love it! If you do, please like the video, share and comment underneath of it.

Much love,