Not so long ago I used to have a big chalkboard in my kitchen on which I wrote: “God is not an asshole”. I needed this daily reminder because whenever I wasn’t in harmony with someone and would wire it down to the belief that was underneath my judgements towards them, I’d somehow always ended up with the belief that this just proved God was a major asshole😅🙈
I know it’s a common saying to say that God is Love, but to actually truly feel it is something else.
The last couple of months I’ve been really dedicated to healing my relationship with God and I found out He’s not so bad as I thought😇😜
I’ve been meaning to do a video on the ACIM workbook lessons that have come up these last 10 days and since I just saw today was the last lesson on this topic of God being only Love, I felt it was definitely time to not wait another day with this.
So I hope you like this new video, I first share an improvisational version of my song that contains lyrics coming from today’s workbook lesson, and then I’ll share an exercise to release all judgements and fears around God.
Feel free to share of course and if you go on youtube you can find a link to download the song and exercise for free in case you’d like to do them offline sometime.
Much love! xxxx Neda