Two years ago, I felt myself being pulled to my piano, where somehow the Course was lying open on one of the workbook lessons. I started playing and singing and all of the sudden, within 30 minutes or so, I had a complete and beautiful song with lyrics all coming from that workbook lesson. I didn’t quite know what happened, but the next day, the same thing happened, with a different workbook lesson. This continued for about two weeks, sometimes even twice a day, and before I knew it I had 16 songs, with lyrics all coming from a Course in Miracles. For a long time I didn’t really do anything with the songs (except for performing them by lectures from Course teachers David Hoffmeister and Willem Glaudemans), but I really feel the inspiration now to record them and share them with the rest of the world. The songs are so incredibly powerful and I always feel so much love after singing them.
I really feel that it is time to record and share this music, not only for course students, but for everybody who needs it.
The CD will be called “The Light Has Come”, similar to one of the songs that will be on de album as well.

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