Voice Liberation Program

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t really get in touch with your deeper emotions?

  • As if something is blocking you from expressing and releasing old pain?
  • Or maybe you’re feeling scared or held back in expressing yourself authentically
  • Perhaps you’re getting spiritual concepts intellectually, but you’re longing for authentic experience?
  • Or maybe you’re hitting the same problem over and over without really getting to the core of it?
  • You’re longing to connect with and hear your inner guidance, but don’t know how?

Most of us were not afraid to use our voice when we were small children. In fact, the very first thing you did when coming into this world was open your mouth and let your voice be heard!
Yet there probably came a time when your singing wasn’t considered to be cute anymore, but rather annoying, and you stopped. You also soon learned that it was best to not express your sadness or anger and be a good boy or girl. You stopped honestly expressing and you were taught to keep quiet, don’t talk about your feelings and behave well.

I know it can seem scary to look within. And we may put on a smile for as long as we want, even if we don’t feel it. But there will come a time where all of our spiritual searching will hit a wall if we don’t go within.

“Do not be afraid to look within. The ego tells you all is black with guilt within you, and bids you not to look. Instead, it bids you look upon your brothers, and see the guilt in them. Yet this you cannot do without remaining blind.”
– A Course in Miracles T-13.IX.8

In order to heal our unconscious beliefs, we have to look at them. But how do we do this, when we are so trained to turn our attention outwards?
What I have found is that we’ve been given a super tool that can work like a magical portal into our unconscious mind;

OUR OWN VOICE has the power to get us back in touch with our inner voice and release the blocks to the love that we truly are!

If you want to:

  • Learn how to use your voice as a powerful tool for healing
  • Get in touch with and liberate your unconscious thoughts and emotions
  • Learn to hear and channel your inner voice
  • Break through negative patterns and blocks
  • Learn how to put your higher Self in the driver’s seat
  • Heal trauma in all dimensions of time
  • Stop people pleasing and start living out of inspiration and joy
  • Learn to authentically express yourself
  • Heal your relationship with money
  • Start experiencing the power of true forgiveness
  • Learn how to use all of your relationships as a pathway to awakening

Then this program is for you!

What is Voice Liberation?

Voice Liberation is a method where we use our own voice to get in touch with and release unconscious blocks to love’s presence. Just like psychedelics can serve as a portal into the unconscious mind, our very own voice has that same power, without the potential side effects! Voice Liberation is a safe and powerful way to use our voice to travel into the unconscious mind and shine a light on whatever is ready to be seen and healed.

“Neda, not only just guided, but even more beautiful; Musically guided to help open up deep blocks, sing through them and letting go. I’m so grateful for this transformational process that started with this.”
– Marga

My name is Neda Boin.

I am an award winning singer, songwriter, voice liberator, A Course in Miracles student and teacher and I also teach songwriting and mind training in juvenile prison.

Neda in Farsi literally means ‘inner voice’, and I don’t think it was a coincidence that my parents decided to give me that name;
I have been helping people all over the world to get in touch with their inner voice and use their voice to heal unconscious blocks.

I am the youngest of 5 children, and was usually referred to as the ‘sunshine of the house’. And even though indeed I had so much joy and love to share, there was also a lot of sadness in me growing up, which I didn’t express since I unconsciously was fulfilling my role of being the sunshine in the house.

I grew up around strong women, and a mother who, although incredibly loving, was never able to cry.
I never learned to express emotions other than joy and whenever I’d get sad, I would run up to my room to cry so that no one would see me. Expressing emotions didn’t seem like something powerful for me, it felt like a weakness I had to do in secret.

When I was 21 and In my second year of getting my bachelors degree as a vocal major, I felt stuck. The joy I had always felt when singing was gone and in its place I felt the pressure to sound perfect.

I seriously thought of dropping out, when the Voice Liberation academy appeared on my path; a two year program developed to free your own voice in the first year, and learn to become a voice liberator in the second year. This was a true answer to my prayer and I ended up finishing both my bachelors in music, and the Voice Liberation academy at once.


When I started the Voice Liberation program, I had no intention at that time to become a teacher. I just wanted to get back in touch with my inner voice and be able to stand on a stage with a sense of joy and freedom again.
But of course, Spirit had a different plan for me!

Four years after I graduated from the Voice Liberation academy, I read about a month long retreat called Tabula Rasa, organised by Course in Miracles teacher and dear friend David Hoffmeister. Even though I never really led any voice liberation sessions since my graduation, I knew the instant that I read about this retreat that I was supposed to teach voice liberation there.
Before I knew it, I was flying 5,000 miles to the Living Ministry monastery in Utah where I would find out that listening to the Spirit’s clear directions on what to do and what to say in order to facilitate profound transformation, had never been so easy as when giving voice liberation sessions.
From that moment on, I have helped hundreds of people all over the world to get in touch with their inner voice and use their voice to heal unconscious blocks.
It is my great joy to teach people about this super powerful tool that we all have within us; our very own voice!

“Neda’s Voice Liberation sessions are very heart opening and mind clearing. They are a way of revealing and clearing unconscious beliefs and thoughts. I highly recommend Neda’s sessions for nurturing the forgiveness process and accelerating healing in mind for those who truly want to heal.”

– David Hoffmeister, Mystic, bestselling author and founder of Living Miracles

Neda’s voice is angelic and I have no doubt that it comes from the heavens! You can’t help but feel inspired when she sings! Her voice liberation work is a process like no other. It helps to get to the core of your pain and suffering and releases you from it in a very powerful, moving, inspiring and fun way!

– Maria Felipe, author of Live Your Happy

“The moment I heard Neda’s voice I knew she was an Angel on earth. Her Voice Liberation is an important & much needed healing for our world. The freedom Neda provides others to connect with is a life affirming & transformative experience. Her talent, as a teacher & healer of Spirit through ACIM is truly a blessed gift. Thank you Beloved Neda for sharing all of you!”

-Tonya Gonzalez
Voted #3 Psychic Medium in the world

“Neda’s voice liberation workshops are powerful beyond measure. They are a way to transcend the thinking mind into a direct experience of unity and freedom. Neda is not only a gifted singer and songwriter, she is one of the most dynamic teachers of A Course in Miracles that I know.”

– Corinne Zupko – bestselling and award-winning author of From Anxiety To Love

A Course in Miracles

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

– A Course in Miracles

At the foundations of all my teachings lies the thought system of the pure nondual teachings of A Course in Miracles.
The Course says that, “Only perfect love exists. If there is fear, It produces a state that does not exist.” This ‘state that does not exist’, is what some people call Maya, the dream or the illusionary world. It is where we all seem to be experiencing ourselves.
A Course in Miracles is not focusing on making our lives better. It’s focussing on helping us wake up from it! The fun thing is that the more we wake up, the more loving, happy and peaceful the dream becomes.
Where for many people The Course can feel very intellectual, Voice Liberation can help us greatly to bring an experience instead of just an intellectual understanding. Our voice can function as a powerful vehicle into the unconscious mind. It is the perfect tool to help us awaken from the dream!

What you’ll get:

The foundations will prepare you for the real Voice Liberation sessions. They will teach you how to use your voice for healing, how to connect with your deeper thoughts and emotions, and how to ‘sound’ them through your voice.

1. Setting your intention

In this session we will connect with our deeper desire for joining this program and set a powerful intention for ourselves.


2. Connecting with the Spirit

In this session we will learn what it means to build a relationship with the Spirit, our Higher Self, our Inner Voice. We will deepen and strengthen this relationship , and learn how to put the Spirit in the driver’s seat.


3. Sigh your way to freedom

In this session we will lay the groundwork for using our voice for healing. We will start by experiencing the liberation of a ‘Voice Liberation sigh’, which will eventually serve as an easy gateway into our deeper emotions.


4. Breathing 2.0

In this session you will learn how to breathe again like you did when you were a baby; from your lower abdomen instead of from your chest. This is a total game changer if you are still breathing from your chest and will be truly transformative on its own.


5. Sounding your feelings

In this session we will learn how to hand use our voice to access deeper thoughts and emotions and how to sound and release them through our voice.
After this session you are fully ready and equipped to do any session with any theme that suits your current state.

“I would like to write my testimonial, but I just cry and cry and cry when I think about it. Tears of gratitude.”

– Laura


The sessions

Once you’ve learned how to use your voice as a tool for healing, you get access to more than 20 Voice Liberation sessions (and still growing!). All sessions are arranged by theme, so all you have to do is pick a theme that is most present for you in the moment and choose what session you would like to do.
List of all themes covered in the sessions:

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Defensiveness
  • Money
  • Fear
  • Feeling unfairly treated
  • Forgiveness
  • Grief
  • Grievances
  • Guilt
  • Healing trauma
  • Irritation
  • Judgements
  • People pleasing
  • Regret
  • Relationships
  • Separation
  • Sickness/Pain
  • Surrender
  • Trust
  • Unworthiness
  • Worries


Free access to all upcoming online Voice Liberation events
When you’re part of the Voice Liberation family, you will get free access to all upcoming Voice Liberation events. These are beautiful real time sessions and workshops with me personally. You will be able to share your experiences and ask questions. 

You will be notified whenever there’s a new event coming up. You can then sign up for for free. If you can’t make it live, you will receive the replay to watch on your own time.  


“I would like to write my testimonial, but I just cry and cry and cry when I think about it. Tears of gratitude.”

– Laura


Join now and get these bonuses 


Bonus included when you join today

Bonus #1:
Morning meditation, Intention for the day
In this morning meditation we give ourselves a wonderful ‘sound bath’, while we set an intention for the day and hand over any plans to our higher Self! Be ready to experience a day full of flow and miracles!

Bonus #2:
Morning meditation; I’m only here to be truly helpful
For this morning meditation we use a beautiful prayer from A Course in Miracles, that will remind us of our true purpose for the day.

Bonus #3:
Evening meditation,’Sleeping with the angels’
Let go of the day with this beautiful evening bonus meditation. Give the Spirit all of your thoughts so you can sleep without worries, knowing that your safe and cared for.

Join the program now:

Full Price €645,-

€200 discount today: €445,-

  • More than 20 Voice Liberation sessions (and still growing!)
  • Free access to all upcoming online Voice Liberation events
  • Downloadable bonus meditations
  • 1 year unlimited access

Try it risk free for 7 days, if you don’t like the program, you can ask for your money back within 7 days of your purchase.

IF YOU DON’T WANT the subscription to auto-renew after one year, sign up now and immediately afterward go into your account and cancel the automatic recurring subscription. 



Do I need to have singing experience to join this program?
You absolutely don’t need ANY singing experience to join this program. Voice Liberation is not about singing beautifully. It’s about using the voice to heal the barriers we’ve built against the love we truly are. Although I must say, the more we get in touch with our inner voice, the more our singing and speaking voice will naturally also sound more beautiful and in harmony!

What technical equipment do I need to join this program?
All you need is a device with internet connection to play the sessions on. I would recommend using headphones or speakers, but it is not a must. For some sessions you’ll need a notebook and pen.

Do I need to be familiar with A Course in Miracles to follow this program?
Absolutely not! All that you need to join this program is a desire for Peace of Mind.

My house is very noisy and I don’t want to disturb my neighbours with loud singing. Can I still join without making lots of sounds?
Definitely! Even if you wouldn’t make any sound during any of the sessions, you would still get a huge benefit out of this program. That is because we are joined in mind and whatever sound I am making during the sessions, I am making for the both of us. Also, I’d like to invite you to use everything for forgiveness. So, for instance the thought, ‘What would my neighbours think of me when they hear me do this?’, and all the beliefs that might come with that, such as, ‘They’ll think I’m weird. They will be annoyed by me. I’m disturbing their peace.I need to keep quiet’, etc, are great material to use during the sessions. Let your current circumstance be part of your practice and don’t leave anything out. Everything is helpful and placed there for your healing!

What is the refund policy:
If you decide the Voice Liberation program isn’t for you, no worries! You can contact me within 7 days of your purchase to request a refund and I will give you your money back. Refunds will only be given if you contact me within 7 days of your purchase.

Why is my membership only valid for one year?
The Voice Liberation Program is an ongoing growing library full of sessions. By renewing your membership each year you allow me to keep creating new sessions.

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