Voice Liberation Bali retreat

November 8-15, 2024


 Join me for our third Bali retreat this November 2024. Get ready to dive deep into the unconscious mind and liberate all the blocks to the Love we truly are. 
Amongst daily deeply healing Voice Liberation sessions, there will be other excursions that will support our healing journey and help us to integrate the sessions.  

A few testimonials from our previous Bali retreats: 

The most God-given experience of my lifetime. I am a changed man after this.  I will be forever grateful

– Johnny 

“Above and beyond expectation! I loved every detail of the whole experience.” Yesenia

“The most profound healing journey of my life. I have never been so undone and so moved. Now that I have moved through this wall of fear, with Spirit’s help, I feel more equipped and able to work through more unhealed feelings and beliefs. I feel lighter, freer, and unburdened. ” – Lara

“It felt all orchestrated for us, I felt so supported by the island, the hotel, the setting, the group, the program, Neda’s beautiful guiding voice, the activities. I just had to show up and be open en receive. Mindblowing!” – Arwa

“The balance in the program between the voice liberation sessions, the assignments, the workshop, meditations, activities and ceremonies was a wonderful experience for me. Everything was supportive of the inner process of healing. Due to the balance, the feeling of peace prevailed and was the common thread through the entire retreat. Neda has given leadership and content to the retreat in an authentic and such an inspired way, so that all participants had the opportunity to go all out in a very safe setting. Very grateful for that! ” – Ineke

“I knew why I had to come to the retreat in Bali and the way I have been helped to accomplish my “mission” is just mind-blowing! It was impressive to see how the Holy Spirit orchestrated everything in the most perfect way not only for me but for my sisters as well.” – Ellen  


Here’s an overview of what our retreat will look like:



You will arrive at your beautiful accommodation in Ubud. Check in is from 2pm onwards. If you arrive early, feel free to drop your bags and head into Ubud town for some exploring. The amazing villa team will be at your service to help.

We will all come together at 6pm to partake in a traditional Balinese Welcome Ceremony and a delicious Balinese dinner (dinner included).
You will have time to meet the other mighty travel companions that you will share this journey with. Then time to rest before our first full day of the retreat.



Our first big session where we will connect with our intention for the retreat and dive right in. Sessions are usually channeled in the moment and can vary from exercises in pairs, group work, writing exercises, forgiveness work, and much more. As Spirit is in charge of the retreat, you can trust that whatever is best for you, will be provided. 

“This retreat was an experience of abundance in love, support, sharing, joy and laughter. To evolve in such abundance filled my heart with gratitude. The cohesion of the group and the feeling of sisterhood is an experience I will not easily forget.” – Ellen




Next to our healing Voice Liberation session, we will also visit the beautiful Taman Sari waterfalls with natural pool. This will be a beautiful backdrop to allow Spirit to wash away all that no longer serves us and to fully let ourselves surrender to Love and the nurturing and healing energy of Mama Bali. 

“This was my second retreat with Neda in Bali. Last year it was really mind-blowing and this time it was certainly no less and I experienced it as even more deeply healing. The voice liberation that Neda uses is literally liberating for me in the deepest sense of the word. I am so grateful for this very deep and intense experience.” – Ineke




Next to our Voice Liberation session, we will be fully taken care of today in a traditional Balinese Boreh Pijat Sauna.
As the Voice Liberation sessions tend to go very deep, time to rest and integrate is very important. This will be a day where we will spend extra time to do just that. 

Boreh is a very ancient healing method. The treatment involves a mixture
of medicinal herbs that are rubbed unto your body, a sauna with steam from boiling herbs and a body and foot massage known as Pijat – another word for what we call reflexology. 

“Over the years, I’ve attended many retreats, but none of which have presented themselves in such a safe space and inviting environment. Throughout the entire retreat, love was in the air. It was palpable.”

– Mary




Chi Pyramid Voice Liberation session.

As a beautiful addition to our deep Voice Liberation work, which normally happens within our private villa, on day 5 we will have an extra Voice Liberation session in a real pyramid! The Pyramids of Chi is an innovation to the world through the combination of Pyramid Power, Sacred Geometry, Polar Alignment, Ancient Sounds, and the ever-present magical energy of Bali. 
The energy there is amazing and very supportive to take our healing work even deeper. 




Next to our Voice Liberation session, we will receive a beautiful cacao ceremony designed to open the heart and celebrate our courage to be on this journey of awakening! There will be sound healing, singing, dancing, exercises in pairs and beautiful music provided by local artists. 

“This session was such a highlight for me. The group was just so inspired. Just outstanding. Amazing mandala. Remembering it now with such a big smile. The Cacao such a rich and delicious surprise.”
– Johnny O.





Next to our healing Voice Liberation session, we will receive a Mala beads necklace workshop. In this beautiful and creative workshop you will learn how to make your own sacred mala beads necklace. You will be guided into a meditation to connect more deeply with the intention that you want to put in the necklace. You will be invited to intuitively pick your stones, that all have their own healing properties and learn how to make the most beautiful and meaningful necklace to take back home with you. 
This way you will have a beautiful reminder of the deep healing journey that will continue to unfold when you make your way back home. 

After that we will head into town for a beautiful dinner together (dinner included)

“Such a creative activity–love the fact that I created my own Mala beads and will have them as a forever reminder of a self-expression of love.” – Mary L. 




We will have our final Voice Liberation session together. If you wish to stay longer and go on any excursions or sightseeing, Soulbliss can arrange all of that for you.

“It was a life changing and transforming experience. I felt completely renewed and have experienced a falling away of so many blocks in my heart. Bali was magical and I loved the quiet retreat venue in the midst of rice fields away from the busy Bali. Just the medicine my Soul needed after some pretty big health challenges in the past few years. I feel so very blessed.” – Eileen 

If you:

– Want to heal unconscious blocks and trauma 
– Want to learn to hear your Inner Voice more clearly 
– Want to learn to open up your heart and authentically express yourself  
– Want to truly forgive your past and release your future
– Want an experience of being done through 
– Want to learn how to use your voice for healing 
– Want to stop people pleasing and start living your life out of purpose and joy 
– Want to free yourself from the belief in guilt

Then this retreat is for you!!


See what others have to say about the Bali experience:


Boutique Haven Resort is a brand new retreat space created in 2021 in the middle of lush rice paddies in a quiet rural area 15 minutes drive from Ubud centre. Boutique Haven Resort offers accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool, a garden and a terrace. Among the facilities of this property are a restaurant, room service and a concierge service, along with free WiFi. 

At the resort, the rooms are equipped with a balcony with pool view. The private bathroom is fitted with a shower, free toiletries and a hairdryer. All guest rooms at Boutique Haven Resort feature air conditioning and a safety deposit box. All buildings are nestled in the lush garden space with the swimming pool being at the center.
 Boutique Haven Resort has an on-site spa which offers a variety of beauty and healing treatments. Restaurant offers all kinds of food and styles – vegan, vegetarian, Indonesian as well as western food.
All items in the menu are made of organic ingredients and with use of coconut or olive oil. The menu is based mainly on local and seasonal ingredients.
Boutique Haven provides free shuttle to the center of Ubud every day
“Really no words. So grateful to have so many photos. Room was great and super comfortable. But the bathroom!!! Open air. Moon above through the vines cascading in. Rain a few times IN the bathroom. Food was beautiful. Loved all the local fruits and vegetables. Obviously every morsel made with love. The staff was kind, gentle – always smiling. Attentive to every need. – Johnny 


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”
– A Course in Miracles

With Voice Liberation we do exactly that; going deep within our unconscious mind to liberate the blocks we have built against the love we truly are. We have a very powerful tool for healing inside of us; our very own voice! No matter whether we believe we have a great voice or not, our voice has the powerful ability to bring up the root of where you feel stuck. During the Voice Liberation sessions there will be a safe space for our unconscious blocks to rise to the surface, where they can be transformed and healed.

There are absolutely no singing skills needed. All that is required is a desire to be free. Voice liberation is not about singing. It is about using the voice as a tool for deep healing. 

“Neda, not only just guided, but even more beautiful; Musically guided to help open up deep blocks, sing thought them and letting go. I’m so grateful for this transformational process that started with this.”
– Marga


“This work has given me more than 30 years of therapy ever have.”
– Pam


My name is Neda Boin.


It is my great passion to use music as a tool to remember the Love we truly are. I’ve been using my voice now for many years for the purpose of awakening. Not only as an artist, making music that supports us on our journey back Home, but also as a songwriting teacher in juvenile prison. I have been helping people all over the world to get in touch with their Inner Voice and use their voice to heal unconscious blocks. I believe in the power of music and the power of our own voice.

 Even though we are already healed and whole, the journey back to fully accepting this can seem pretty dark at times. I’ve been seeing over and over again how the moment we are ready to look within, our very own voice can serve as a bright light. It shines on all that is ready to be seen and healed, and deep release follows. 

We are in this together and nobody is walking alone. My intention for my music and Voice Liberation work, is that we do not only intellectually understand this, but that we truly get an authentic experience of the Divine Love and support that is within us.   

“Neda was such a fearless leader of this retreat in her efforts to awaken those taking this journey and also, while being unattached to any outcome. She created safe spaces to let the uncomfortable be seen and heard while also providing gentle guidance and accountability when a deeper look was necessary.” – Candice 

“I came to the retreat because of Neda, and she did not disappoint. Her authenticity shone through during each exercise. Her gentle spirit consistently exuded love, acceptance, and acceptance. I do admire her for her faith in Spirit, and it was obvious that she relinquishes control and allows Spirit to guide the retreat. I am ever so grateful for her ability to channel Spirit through her retreats. Neda is an incredibly evolved human being, and I feel blessed to have her as a spiritual guide.” – Mary 


“Neda’s Voice Liberation sessions are very heart opening and mind clearing. They are a way of revealing and clearing unconscious beliefs and thoughts. I highly recommend Neda’s sessions for nurturing the forgiveness process and accelerating healing in mind for those who truly want to heal.”

– David Hoffmeister, Mystic, bestselling author and founder of Living Miracles

Neda’s voice is angelic and I have no doubt that it comes from the heavens! You can’t help but feel inspired when she sings! Her voice liberation work is a process like no other. It helps to get to the core of your pain and suffering and releases you from it in a very powerful, moving, inspiring and fun way!

– Maria Felipe, author of Live Your Happy

“The moment I heard Neda’s voice I knew she was an Angel on earth. Her Voice Liberation is an important & much needed healing for our world. The freedom Neda provides others to connect with is a life affirming & transformative experience. Her talent, as a teacher & healer of Spirit through ACIM is truly a blessed gift. Thank you Beloved Neda for sharing all of you!”

-Tonya Gonzalez
Voted #3 Psychic Medium in the world

“Neda’s voice liberation workshops are powerful beyond measure. They are a way to transcend the thinking mind into a direct experience of unity and freedom. Neda is not only a gifted singer and songwriter, she is one of the most dynamic teachers of A Course in Miracles that I know.”

– Corinne Zupko – bestselling and award-winning author of From Anxiety To Love


I have partnered with the lovely Maree from Soul Bliss Journeys for our retreat. Maree is a grateful student of A Course in Miracles and was guided by Spirit to connect with me to organize this retreat.
She is passionate about helping people awaken to the truth of who they are, “Part of the Divine”. Maree loves to organize retreats aligned with this purpose. She has lived in Bali for 7 years and has been running retreats there for 2 years. She will be on the ground in Bali, guiding us and helping with anything we need to feel supported on our journey.

My experience with Soul Bliss journeys is nothing but positive. There was support on all fronts. The accommodations and associated activities were carefully selected and fully served the content of the activities. There was no noise anywhere. Every evening the program of the next day was passed on and that gave peace of mind. Maree’s warm personal involvement gave everything extra depth because Neda could fully focus on the inner process together with the participants. – Ineke  

Maree was wonderful. I have not one even tiny piece of feedback. Everything was amazingly planned and taken care of. I especially loved the Visa V.I.P service. After traveling for 48 hours and arriving at 1:00am, I had Zero stress, was escorted and informed what to do, and then taken to the awaiting cab. Oh my goodness, what a great thing!Lara

“Excellent down to every detail, from the moment of arrival with the personal touch of finding gifts on our beds! Especially the natural mosquito repellent was so good I used it as perfume 🙂 The activities were nurturing and inspiring: sound healing at the pyramids, fire ceremony with Guru Made, the cacao ceremony, Aidi’s mala workshop… Also nice to have good drivers available for extra outings. Maree kept us up to date on the group whatsapp. I felt carefree and cared for!” -Olive


“Maree did a wonderful job. From the very start, the first e-mails we received, I was touched by Maree’s kindness and high professionalism. Arriving in the Villa and finding all those (personalised!) surprises on our bed was heart-warming. And the rest of our stay never disappointed me!”
– Ellen 

Note: This is an alcohol and drugs free retreat.



Early Bird discount ($500) until July: 
Private room: Normal price: $3600. Early bird price: $3100 
Twin room: Normal price: $3300. Early bird price: $2800 

For twin room: If you don’t have a partner or friend to pair up with, we will do our best to pair you with someone. If it turns out that there is no one else that wants a twin room, you are required to pay the private room price. 

Note: This is an exclusive and intimate retreat with only 7 rooms in total. So if you feel this is for you, make sure to register asap!  

Included in price:

  • 1 one-on-one video call with Neda before the retreat 
  • Free life-long access to the online Voice Liberation program
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • All breakfasts
  • All lunches
  • Free water, balinese coffee and tea during whole stay
  • Fruits for afternoon tea every day
  • 2 amazing dinners. In most retreats you find yourself fully in a bubble and the contrast of going back home tends to be really big. The beautiful thing about this retreat is that there will be an opportunity for you to go out into the world and apply all that you’ve learned in daily life. If you have a day where you feel you want to stay inside the bubble that is absolutely fine as well, as the villa we’re staying at has a full time restaurant staff as well.  (The cost of food and other expenses in Bali is very cheap, so minimal spending money will be required. For example, most meals range from about 5-10 USD) 
  • Free daily shuttle bus to Ubud Centre 
  • 1hr Full relaxing body massage
  • All activities as shown on the itinerary are included
  • All scheduled transfers to and from the airport and activities.
  • A free welcome bag with a bunch of awesome gifts! 


Costs NOT included:

  • Flights to and from Bali
  • Transfers to and from town in free time. 
  • Medical expenses
  • Any unforeseen accident, injury and/or damage to property
  • Renting of personal scooter or motor vehicle
  • Travel insurance
  • Special meal requirements not already discussed
  • Meals not mentioned above

The cost of food and other expenses in Bali is very affordable, so minimal spending money will be required. For example, most meals range from about 5-10 USD and similarly for massages


Can I pay in terms?:
A $1000 USD non refundable deposit is due at registration. Then payments will be due 4 months and then 2 months before the retreat.  

What is the return policy?:
4 months before 50% balance (non refundable) and 2 months before full balance  (non refundable). Everything is non refundable, only credit if retreat is postponed due to Bali closing down and people can’t enter Bali. Travel insurance is highly advisable to cover any unforeseen cancellations as no refunds are given. 

Check in is at 2pm and on most retreats there will be a welcome ceremony and dinner, we suggest you have a flight that has you arriving in Bali in the morning or before 1pm, this gives you time to get through customs and make your way to Ubud ready for the dinner. For departure, we suggest an afternoon flight as you will check out at 12pm and need to get to the airport, anything after 3pm is recommended.

Ubud is approximately 1hr away from the international airport. You will be picked up by one of our drivers and taken to the retreat resort or villa.

Yes of course, please let me know and I’ll put you in contact with Maree who can arrange that for you.
For more questions, please contact me via info@nedaboin.com