How I started making music inspired by A Course in Miracles

Hi there!

Thank you so much for being here and for you interest in my music.

I never imagined I would make an album with lyrics all coming from A Course in Miracles lessons, as I used to have a big allergy towards ‘Godly words’..! I was on the road of becoming the next big popstar and was even on the popular TV Show The Voice (watch documentary above to see). But you know what they say, ‘If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans’. 
I now feel so grateful that there was a different plan for me. I truly feel SO passionate to make music that helps to remember the Love we truly are all through the day. I love writing songs that inspire and elevate our heart and soul. 

If you love A Course in Miracles, I am pretty sure that you will love the music that I make. 
The first album, The Light Has Come, only uses lyrics coming directly from A Course in Miracles workbook lessons.

My second album, Remember You’re Dreaming, describes my own journey from darkness to light. It is still very much inspired by A Course in Miracles and uses lines from The Course throughout the songs. It has beautiful features with the famous Deva Premal, Mike Love and Alexia Chellun. 

How to listen to the full album? 

I believe music should be freely available for everyone to listen to. That is why you can stream all my music for free on platforms such as Spotify
But of course, making an album is a very costly thing and there are many more songs that are waiting to be recorded. So if you want to support me, please consider downloading the album from my website

Much love and don’t be a stranger. I’d love to hear what you think of my music! Follow me on instagram and tag me in your story so I can share it with my audience.

Neda 💛
PS: Check this exclusive behind the scenes video to learn more about how my own ‘dark night of the soul’ got me to make Course in Miracles inspired music