Music from and for the heart

Thank you so much for being here! If you’re reading this, it is very likely you are on a spiritual journey and are starting to wake up. I know the journey isn’t always easy and I also know that music can really help getting moving us from the head into the heart and support us through the dark night of the Soul. 

If you love to listen to inspired music that touches your heart and soul, I got you! 🥰 

I hope you’ll be inspired by the free song you can download above. It is inspired by A Course in Miracles lesson 75, The Light Has Come. This lesson is a beautiful reminder that we are already healed, we’re already saved, we’re already at peace. When we forgive the entire world and all in it, this is what we will remember. The light HAS come, it is already here, just waiting to be seen.

Thank you for being on this path with me. I truly hope my music may make the road a bit more light. 

Lots of love,


“I don’t even know what words to use that would accurately describe what Neda’s music does for me. It’s indescribable. Neda’s voice lifts me up and takes me home instantly!” – Janice Walker



“I know excellence when I hear it. This is Excellent” – Gary R. Renard

“I have never heard anyone so beautifully and successfully put A Course in Miracles to music.” – Michael Mirdad 


“Neda’s music is a way to merge with the Spirit and feel the absolute glory of Divine Love. Her amazing voice enhances the lyrics from Heaven, and my soul is lifted every time I listen.” – David Hoffmeister 

“Listening to Neda sing brings forth an experience of Divine Love within. She has a gift of expressing the sound of Heaven so we can all remember the Love that exists within each one of us. Neda’s music makes me feel pure joy. She has the voice of an angel.” – Corinne Zupko 


PS: Check this exclusive behind the scenes video to learn more about how my own ‘dark night of the soul’ got me to make Course in Miracles inspired music