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From Fear to Love – Voice Liberation retreat – The Netherlands

May 24 @ 17:00 - May 26 @ 14:00

Dear friends, I invite you all for an unforgettable healing journey where we will use Voice Liberation and the non-dual teachings of A Course in Miracles to travel from fear to Love.

This retreat is for you if you resonate with one or more of the following

✔️You are ready to break through deep and unconscious patterns

✔️You want to let go of pain and stuck emotions from the past

✔️You desire an unshakable trust in your heart

✔️ You are ready to let go of fear as your teacher and surrender fully into Love

✔️ You want to live and express yourself from an authentic and honest place within yourself

✔️ You want to listen to and follow your Inner Voice

✔️ You want to heal your throat chakra; related amongst other things to not being able to share yourself in an authentic way, not being able to let your creativity flow freely, dismissing your own feelings, feeling like you’re not truly being heard, people pleasing and any physical voice problems

✔️You are tired of people-pleasing and are ready to start living from authenticity and purpose

✔️You wish to remember more to laugh, play, sing & dance!

About your facilitator

Neda Boin ECIW ACIMNeda Boin is an award winning singer-songwriter, Voice Liberator and Course in Miracles teacher that uses her voice to remember and extend the love we truly are. Neda travels all around the world to give healing concerts and Voice Liberation workshops.
She makes music inspired by A Course in Miracles and has also been teaching in prison for many years. Neda, meaning Inner Voice in Farsi, is devoted to using music as a tool for healing. She invites her listeners and participants into an experience of Divine Love.

“Neda’s voice liberation workshops are powerful beyond measure. They are a way to transcend the thinking mind into a direct experience of unity and freedom. Neda is not only a gifted singer and songwriter, she is one of the most dynamic teachers of A Course in Miracles that I know.” – Corinne Zupko – bestselling and award-winning author of From Anxiety To Love

“Neda’s Voice Liberation sessions are very heart opening and mind clearing. They are a way of revealing and clearing unconscious beliefs and thoughts. I highly recommend Neda’s sessions for nurturing the forgiveness process and accelerating healing in mind for those who truly want to heal.” – David Hoffmeister, Mystic, bestselling author and founder of Living Miracles

 “Neda’s voice liberation work is a process like no other. It helps to get to the core of your pain and suffering and releases you from it in a very powerful, moving, inspiring and fun way!” – Maria Felipe, author of Live Your Happy

What is Voice Liberation?

Voice Liberation is not at all about singing beautifully. It is all about remembering how to use the voice as a powerful tool to access and release unconscious blocks and trauma. The voice can easily bring us to places within ourselves where our rational mind doesn’t know how to go. Deep emotions, blocks and a whole bunch of things you weren’t even conscious of can come to the surface, to be released by the natural expression of your own voice.

No singing skills are needed whatsoever, just a desire to be free!

“I have spent thousands of dollars in therapy, and none of it came close to the release that I got with you.” – Kat F.

“I can easily say that I never developed so much in any retreat before. I can feel that it’s a beginning of something new and beautiful.” – Jonny J.

“Wow, what an amazing and powerful weekend that was, thank you so much! I found all the exercises deeply moving and they totally fulfilled my intention for the retreat! They have helped me look at deeper ego thoughts and habits that have been stopping me from experiencing true joy. The Holy Spirit has indeed softened my brow and made my eyes shine! The voice Liberation work really prepared me to go deeper and face stuff I’d long since buried and forgot about. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a wonderful, gifted teacher of love and joy.”- Andy P.

“We laughed together, we cried together, we sang together, and we prayed together.  I truly felt that each member of the retreat was my spiritual brother and sister and I felt enveloped in oneness with a loving God.  If you are tired of reading books about spirituality, come to this retreat and get a taste of the real thing.” – Elisabeth

What’s included in the retreat

  • Delicious and wholesome vegetarian breakfast, lunch and diner made with love and fresh biological ingredients from the garden
  • Snacks, fruit, tea and coffee throughout the day
  • 2 overnight stays in a beautiful Dutch farm
  • A safe and healing space to let your unconscious blocks rise to the surface where they can be healed
  • Profound Voice Liberation sessions that will take you straight to the root cause of any issue
  • Teachings based on the pure non-dual path of A Course in Miracles
  • Silence between every last and first session for contemplation and integration
  • Largest spiritual garden of Holland. Go on beautiful walks in between sessions or take a question into the big labyrinth.


Friday May 24

5.30 pm: Arrival
6pm: Light meal
7pm: First session

Saturday May 25
8am: Breakfast
9.30: Session
12.30: Lunch
2pm: Session
5.30pm: Dinner
7.30: Session

Sunday May 26 

9.30am: Final session
1pm: Lunch
2pm: Checkout


Price includes tax, 3 night stay and all meals and drinks.
Our cancellation conditions:
> 2 months in advance: administrative costs of 75 euros
< 2 months. No money back, but credit for a future retreat. Only possible if canceled a maximum of 14 days before the start of the retreat.
If you need an invoice, you can send us an email with your billing information and we charge an administration fee of 37.50.