Heal The Heart – Workshop in Arnhem – Aug 19

Join us for a magical workshop where we combine the power of Voice Liberation, Cacao, Soundhealing and Movement to heal our hearts from the obstacles to Love’s Presence 💛

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Join us for a magical workshop where we combine the power of Voice Liberation, Cacao, Soundhealing and Movement to heal our hearts from the obstacles to Love’s Presence.

We will start the workshop with a sacred cacao ceremony that allow us to open up our hearts more deeply. We will then move on with Voice Liberation, Soundhealing and Movement to further bring up and heal the unconscious blocks that are keeping us from having a joyful, whole, inspired and happy heart.

This workshop is for you if: 

– You want to learn to fully open up your heart and receive love
– You want to be able to fully trust and surrender 
– You want to learn to fully trust your heart’s intuition 
– You feel there is a block in your heart and/or throat chakra 
– You long for a joyful and playful heart 
– You desire to share yourself in an authentic and inspired way 

OUR OWN VOICE has the power to get us back in touch with our INNER JOY and release the blocks to the LOVE that we truly are!

What is Voice Liberation?

With Voice Liberation we use our own voice as a powerful tool to get in touch with and release unconscious blocks to love’s presence. When we remember how to use our voice for healing, our voice will become a portal into the unconscious mind. With learning how to express stuck emotions and patterns freely, the voice will greatly guide us to transform all grievances into miracles!

“Having a voice liberation session with Neda is like taking a walk to the very centre of your being, and then walking safely back out again – wiser, clearer, kinder.” – Disa 

What is Sacred Cacao?

Archaeological evidence of Cacao use, dates back some 3,900 years ago in Central America. Known as “The Food of the Gods” Cacao raw chocolate is considered to be a healing medicine used in ceremony, meditation and rituals. It is also known as a superfood with nutritional and healing properties.  Untampered and unadulterated, it contains over 40 anti-oxidants and is distinct to the commercially processed chocolate, we are used to in the West.

Cacao is a fantastic way to open your heart chakra, specially if you are dealing with self-love, forgiveness, and compassion issues.
When the heart energetic wheel gets unbalanced, it’s common to feel fear, apathy, and disconnection. With a cacao rite, we can alleviate those negative feelings. This is just one of the benefits of a cacao ceremony. If practiced mindfully, the ritual can balance our masculine and feminine energies. On one side, by promoting revitalization, renewal, and transformation. But also, by creating the space needed to feel calm, centered, peaceful, and loving.

In addition, the fourth chakra regulates our capacity to be creative and connect to others. Hence, cacao celebrations are an effective way to remove any blockage in these important areas and offer us inspiration and an endless flow of ideas.

Who is Luz Ortiz?

For this workshop I am teaming up with Luz Ortíz, who I met when I was following one of her yoga classes. We instantly clicked and felt the inspiration to do something together. This will be our first workshop together. Luz (meaning light, in Spanish!), shares:

“My name is Luz Ortíz, I’m from Colombia. I used to be a Contemporary dancer and Ballet dance teacher until my son was born in 2014 and my whole life changed beautifully bringing with him my yoga journey. I started with Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Flow, but it was with the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method that I find a soulmate. I’m practicing this in its traditional way since 2018. I have studied in Mysore India, from the source of the Ashtanga Yoga tradition and Bali, Indonesia, also doing my personal daily practice . I’ve learned to make this practice part of my life. Throughout my experience with yoga I found two wonderful allies: Mama Cacao and Sound Healing. With this Friends I learned to celebrate true soul essence and live the alchemy of being Myself, reconnecting with the ancestors, the master guides and The heart in its purest state. Let me share with you the love, the passion and dedication and walk together through this transformative path.”

Practical info:

Date: August 19
Time: Workshop is from 13.00-17.30 After that you can join us for a potluck from 17.30-19.00
Please let us know when signing up if you’f like to join the potluck as well.
Location: Rocket Yoga Studio, Arnhem. Rosendaalsestraat 361-b, 6824 CK Arnhem

Needed for workshop: The willingness to be free from suffering and… Comfortable clothes! 😉